Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why did people get back to the way they used to behave?

Yes, unfortunately a lot of people after Jan 25 started going to the old, bad habits that they used to do. 

I was walking in a street that I went through while people were cleaning it and I took pictures of them. I was like any other Egyptian extremely happy and proud of the positive change that occurred and was clearly seen in the Egyptian streets. What happened?

The revolution started by the middle class. Middle class was the class that was really affected by the change that happened and they were the ones who initiated the positive movement and it was soon followed by the higher and the lower classes.

Why did people get back to the way they used to behave? Because the middle class is now back to their jobs. If the middle class doesn't move no one will. I know it's not that easy to balance between the tiring jobs everyone has and the fact that we need to get the "Cycle of production - عجلة التنمية" going, and the fact that we need to pay more attention to developing other aspects of the country. 

Another point which is part the past regime's fault and part ours. We didn't have the sense of ownership to the country. It's just like adrenalin. We had an adrenalin rush during and after the revolution, but then things cooled off. It's not that we don't have the sense of ownership anymore, it's just that we are not used to being positive and leave an impact on our society. 

People tend to be a bit pessimistic about this whole subject and they start saying we're going backwards and the revolution did nothing, "احنا بنطلع و بننزل على مفيش" but I disagree. CHANGE DID HAPPEN. 

How do we get people to get that energy back? Start with your own social span. Get everyone you know not to throw trash in the street. Encourage them to help in every way they can to develop this country.

I know my words sound very illusive and very hard to accomplish but so was getting Mubarak's sorry ass out of the chair.

Egypt is ours. Let's take her high.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Why rumors?

Aaaah. Rumors. They are like the extremely polluted air we're inhaling in every living second in Egypt. 

Pollution is not our topic, unfortunately. During our beloved #Jan25 revolution rumors were widely spread. They started by KFC, 50 Euros, 3arabya mitsubishi 7amra feha baltagya btedrab nar & Mubarak is in Germany.

Why did rumors spread that much? After extensive thinking and major exhausted brain power I realized that in the end; WE LIKE IT. Why do we like it? 1.It gives us topics to talk about. 2.People saying rumors think it'll  make them look up to date and know everything. 3.Rumors are mind stimulating and gives the person for some unknown reason the feeling of self-satisfaction. 

Rumors have been a big part of our community for quit some time. Since we like rumors, rumors have found their way fast in our community. I want to start upon some rumors that really pissed me off.

Zamalek game. I don't believe in the theory that says it's the anti-revolution responsible of what happened. Yes there was A LOT of question marks raised, but we can not stick every bad thing that happens to the anti-revolution. The anti-revolution is anyone of us that doesn't do his job in the best way possible and try to help his country as much as he can.

We were sitting one day fl lagna el sha3bya, and some guy came screaming "في طيارة هليكوبتر فيها بلطجية الطيار لون عينه أخضر و بيرموا ملتوف على الناس. HOW IN HELL CAN SOMEONE BELIEVE SUCH BULL CRAP? Don't you think? EVER? I can't remember how I reacted but I don't think it was a censored one.

I am not going to talk about KFC, so many people already did. I am going to talk about the rumor that there was a woman who was spreading L.E. 50 bills to everyone going inside Tahir sq. Do the math, 50x1,000,000 per day. 4,000,000 at some times. 18 days. That will cost her around 3,600,000,000. She's either part of the previous regime to have this kind of money which contradicts with the whole purpose or Suzan hired her son to be her personal male stripper.


كتبت بعد ما سمعت إشاعة خرجت من نافوخي.