Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why #NoMilitaryTrials?

Why? Does it even make sense to ask for military trials?

Where the hell are we to have military trials for civilians? Why is the state of emergency still ongoing? Why are the Tahrir protesters, the only protesters that stops the production wheel? I have many questions to ask the SCAF but I'll just focus on one. Why military trials?

I heard a guy once talking about the military trials and he said that since we're being run by the military they're rules apply so everyone gets a military trial in a military facility. This is total rubbish. There is no such thing as that and if someone by any mean tells you that stick something up his something.

I am going to talk about a situation in particular that I was part of and that's related to military trials. What happened at the Zionist embassy from violations towards the protesters is unacceptable. Of course we all heard about what happened to Tarek Shalaby, Mosa'ab El-Shamy and Hossam Nassef and many others. I could've been easily one of those people. I am AGAINST MILITARY TRIALS.

Talking about military trials has to take us to freedom of speech, what with that? Is it that silly that the SCAF doesn't want to grant us it? Then why did we have Jan25? The SCAF can't by any mean arrest someone in a peaceful protest or even interrogate someone based on his opinion.

Military trials are just a fear methodology adopted by the SCAF, they want to keep everyone at home accepting the status quo which something am sure most of the Egyptians have sworn not to any more. I think the SCAF can't handle dealing with politics and difference of opinion because the military is used to giving orders and punishing who doesn't follow, which is not the case in politics. Politics is based on difference of opinions and the perception of every party of the future of the country and what shoukd or should not be done.

I read this amazing article by Mourid El-Barghouthi talking about what happened at the Zionist embassy that I think everyone should read. http://bit.ly/ktTDyA

This is me putting pressure on the SCAF to stop military trials. I hope you do too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Why #NoSCAF?

** SCAF stands for: Supreme Council of Armed Forces -- المجلس الاعلى للقوات المسلحة 

** Before I start this post I want to clear out that there is a BIG difference between the army and the SCAF, the SCAF is a managerial board. And I only mean this board.

We revolted. With every revolution comes drastic changes. These changes are according to the will of the people according to the revolutionary legitimacy. 

The SCAF as I clearly recall was forced upon us. I don't recall voting for them in a poll. This is the first reason why the SCAF shouldn't continue. It's not the will of the people.

I am not going to emphasize on certain acts by the SCAF rather I am going to talk about general behaviors. 

  1. Why is everything related to the SCAF is a big mystery? What really happened on March 9th? What's with all  the hidden secrets? We revolted because we didn't feel we belonged to this country; why is the SCAF using the same sleazy techniques the past regime used?
  2. What's with the military prosecutions to civilians? What the hell are you thinking? THEY ARE CIVILIANS. CIVILIANS GOD DAMNIT. I know everyone can understand this point so I am going to move to another point.
  3. Why does the SCAF think we're too dumb to know our own good.Why do they treat us as a 5 year old that only cares about his food? Why did Etman come out and say the troops emptying Tahrir were unarmed and it was clearer than the sun in July that there was indeed gunshots everywhere. I saw the empty shell cases myself. The SCAF has been for the past 30 years trained or has lived in an environment that only works by manipulating its people. That doesn't work anymore.
  4. Why is there unjustified delay in the prosecution of the figures of the old regime? And why isn't there any charges but illegal earnings? What happened to disturbing/manipulating the political life in Egypt? And why doesn't the SCAF want to issue a law to incriminate that?
  5. Let's assume for a second that the SCAF came after a national wide spread acceptance, what has the SCAF done so far to protect the revolution or even work on fulfilling its demands? Where is the part which any elected regime should do called listening and doing what the people want?
  6. Why should I after such a revolution be afraid of writing my opinion on a blog or going to the streets to say my opinion? One of the MAIN DEMANDS was FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
  7. I said I am not going to talk about specifics but I have to talk about the constitutional declaration. Why would a regime that enforces the will of the people write down such a shameful declaration? Why so much power? Also another point; Why the hundred thousand signature to extend the SCAF ruling? So if I get the same number of signatures to bring back Mubarak -and we know it's not that hard- you'll bring him back?
These are in a hurry my thoughts about #NoSCAF.

The previous post is about Why #May27? Check it to know why everyone should go to Tahrir that day.

See you all on the 27th.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why #May27?

I'll take you back a couple of months back. Why Jan25?

I went down to the streets because we had a dictator that wasn't elected by the people and wasn't by any chance the first nor the last choice of the people of this great country.

I went down to the streets because I believed in the freedom of speech, the freedom of having a peaceful stand/protest.

I went down to the streets because I never felt safe in my country due to how the police is behaving.

I went down to the streets because no one was prosecuted fairly in this country.

I went down to the streets because I wanted to have a voice rather than accepting the status quo.

I went down to the streets because I had a dream of a better Egypt and I didn't feel like the regime had the same vision.

I went down to the streets because I didn't like our foreign affairs.

I went down because I wanted a better representation of my country.

I went down to the streets to REVOLT.


Take off Jan25. Replace it with May27 and you'll know why I want to go down to the streets again.

Join us on May27. Let's complete our revolution for a better Egypt.