Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why #NoMilitaryTrials?

Why? Does it even make sense to ask for military trials?

Where the hell are we to have military trials for civilians? Why is the state of emergency still ongoing? Why are the Tahrir protesters, the only protesters that stops the production wheel? I have many questions to ask the SCAF but I'll just focus on one. Why military trials?

I heard a guy once talking about the military trials and he said that since we're being run by the military they're rules apply so everyone gets a military trial in a military facility. This is total rubbish. There is no such thing as that and if someone by any mean tells you that stick something up his something.

I am going to talk about a situation in particular that I was part of and that's related to military trials. What happened at the Zionist embassy from violations towards the protesters is unacceptable. Of course we all heard about what happened to Tarek Shalaby, Mosa'ab El-Shamy and Hossam Nassef and many others. I could've been easily one of those people. I am AGAINST MILITARY TRIALS.

Talking about military trials has to take us to freedom of speech, what with that? Is it that silly that the SCAF doesn't want to grant us it? Then why did we have Jan25? The SCAF can't by any mean arrest someone in a peaceful protest or even interrogate someone based on his opinion.

Military trials are just a fear methodology adopted by the SCAF, they want to keep everyone at home accepting the status quo which something am sure most of the Egyptians have sworn not to any more. I think the SCAF can't handle dealing with politics and difference of opinion because the military is used to giving orders and punishing who doesn't follow, which is not the case in politics. Politics is based on difference of opinions and the perception of every party of the future of the country and what shoukd or should not be done.

I read this amazing article by Mourid El-Barghouthi talking about what happened at the Zionist embassy that I think everyone should read. http://bit.ly/ktTDyA

This is me putting pressure on the SCAF to stop military trials. I hope you do too.

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