Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why #EndSH?


To every human being (because calling them guys is demeaning to males) that thinks that by HARASSING a girl in the street/class/building or even in her window, it would make him look good; think again.

Why End Sexual Harassment? 
Why does it exist in the first place? It exists because in every nation there are a large number of disturbed souls or uneducated people that thing that right is wrong and wrong is right. This misconception in Egypt has occurred due to lack of education and the absence of a good environment for these people to grow up and learn in. 

It was the past regime's fault that these sort of people existed. I personally think that this phenomenon is a disease and we should act towards it as if we're dealing with fast spreading cancer. Everyone can't see the harm in "having some fun." 

I don't sexual harassment's name is not quite accurate, or what we have in Egypt has more options that come with, because the most common type is the verbal harassment which sounds to some twisted minds as normal. The verbal harassment is much easier to fix I think. Easy solution; guys if you come by any kind of verbal harassment feel fry to curse that person every curse you know. As for girls you have the power to through/shoot him with anything you can put your hands on.

Some people are really passive about such situations, and always rises the famous sentence "و أنا مال أهلي يا عم؟". لأ ليك دعوة طبعاً، هي مين إلي ماشية في الشارع ديه؟ واحدة إسرائيليه؟ دي واحدة مصرية من نفس البلد و ممكن يطلع أخوها صاحبك ولا بعد 15 سنة تلاقيها جنبك في الكوشة. إسترجل شوية و اعمل إلي عليك.

من هنا و رايح لو شفت واحد في الشارع بيعاكس أو بيضايق أي واحدة في الشارع والله لا ألف و أرزعه صف شتايم. عشان بدل ما نعد نقول الي بيعملوا كده وحشين و هنقولهم لو سمحتم بطلوا؛ أنا بفضل أعمل كل حاجة بنفسي. أنا هقول لأ للتحرش الجنسي أو الشفهي. أما بالنسبة للاجيال الجديدة في ديه لازم احنا نوعيها إن البنات دول جنس لطشيف ماينفعش يتعاملوا كدة. 

I don't know why I suddenly turned into Arabic, and I don't care. The main thing is that I delivered my point. Plus it's really late and I can barely focus. To summarize, the problems are education, our silence and the new generation. 

Again, I will so no to kind of sexual/verbal harassment. 

Take care ladies out there, and guys; please grow some balls and help your fellow sisters.

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