Friday, June 24, 2011

Why #Blog4Syria?

Syria, What's happening there is just painful to just listen to rather than experience it, I am sorry for all my free brothers that are experiencing this unjustified brutal inhuman force of ass sticking to a meaningless chair/position.

For who doesn't know, both Syria and Egypt used to be one country, same people united under one purpose. This unity was formed back in the 22nd of Feb. 1958. the initiative was taken by both Gamal Abd El-Naser (The Egyptian president at that time) and Shokry El-Qotely (The Syrian president at that time). Abd El-Naser wanted an Arab union, the Syrian people were observing our revolution. In a nutshell the whole unity thing was a cross benefit situation. My point is some say that the split of the "United Arab Republic" "الجمهورية العربية المتحدة " resulted in the Israeli occupation of 1965 also know as "النكسة". 

This is not a history lesson. What I am aiming after telling you this story is for you to realize how close we are to the Syrian people and how negative we are towards them. We were people once and when we split up we both fell apart. 

What's happening in Syria now is somewhat a result to the UNFINISHED revolution we had called Jan25 and I personally feel responsible to help them in anyway possible and since this is the only way I personally can. 

I think the only way Syria would be free is if Damascus joins in the uprising for a more free and better Syira. If by any mean any free Syrian reads this post I am telling them I wish I was there you truly are amazing and am proud that our nations where once one. Also if any Syrian from Damascus happens to read this, PROTEST AND GO TO THE STREETS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BLOODSHED HAPPENING IN YOUR COUNTRY AND THE COUNTLESS SOULS THAT ARE BEING MURDERED BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO AFRAID TO SAY NO, THAT'S ENOUGH.  

Wake up Syria, the free world is waiting for you,

Sincerely, a brother of yours.

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