Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ok, it has been a while since I blogged in English. Blogging is not an easy task with the ongoing events everywhere all the time. And when I blog I try to deliver a message to a large number of people. Hence, I've been blogging in Arabic. But I decided I should get back to writing in English even if for one post.

Of course, the Egyptian street nowadays doesn't stop babbling about politics, with or without knowledge. And the most talked about topic is Jan25. It's normal. People have worries about what's being fed to them by the media. And I understand that, but what I can blame some people for is not taking the effort of knowing what's really happening and those we have to reach out to.

This post has no purpose or message to deliver in the end, this is merely an idea swamp.

I have daily fights with my dad about the political situation in Egypt since Feb. He was totally pro revolution but since we stood against Shafik and we started to disagree. His argument was always "How long have you been in the political game? What do you know? I have more experience. I can assess people better." One think he was right about was that Sharaf is no better than a monkey playing in his own shit.

Now, I fight with my dad about... YES, Jan25. OF COURSE, he doesn't me nor my sister to join the protests. Here's the thing about my dad, I know for a fact he's to smart to believe SCAF's shit. Yet, he tells me he believes them.

This is the problem we're facing or more like fighting in the Egyptian community or maybe humanity. For some unknown unjustified reason some people refuse to believe themselves.

Why do people refuse to believe what they know to be true and what they see with their own eyes? I have absolutely no idea. Am not a psychiatric. BUT, I think I know my dad's case.

Ok, people get to cling on some words and make some big fuss about it. These words become the center of attention when it shouldn't be. Worries are misdirected in these situations. To be more specific, my dad always tell me "Am worried about Egypt and what might happen to it." The question here should be.. What's Egypt? Egypt is a group of people that happen to have a political existence and happen to build a society full of jobs, money, etc..

So that's what I mean, the word here that was focused on was Egypt when in fact he should be focusing on Egyptian.

People need to focus on what really matters.

Am sorry if that was a waste of time. Am sorry if you got lost between the lines. But this was merely an unedited idea rush.


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