Thursday, July 7, 2011


This blog post is mainly for people on twitter.

What's that? This is an idea I came up with @LeilZahra to better track people on twitter during demonstrations and during clashes and unsafe times.

Before I start I want to say that the system is not perfect, it has its flaws but this is the best thing we came up with, and please if you have any ideas share them with us. First of all what does TSST stands for? It stands for Tweep Sending Safety Tweet. 

Where did the idea generate from? Ok, mainly what happened to Loai Nagati influenced us that we need to keep track of people faster, meaning if Loai was noticed missing a bit earlier things might have had a new alternative direction for the better.

Since we as tweeps we feel the eagerness to be in the action we should also stay safe. The hashtag is an attempt to do just that. 

This is how it goes; whenever you're in a demo and leaving the square just tweet that you're leaving the square on the hashtag without saying your location, and once you're home send another tweet saying you're safe. 

Another situation is if your battery died; just tweet from anyone's account saying: "am @username.. Am safe with friends #TSST" then periodically tweet from any account the same tweet to make sure everyone is safe. Once you're home also tweet you're ok.

Also, If God forbidden there were clashes, if you can spot ANY tweep send a tweet saying he/she is ok.

This is an attempt to just keep track. Stay safe people and PLEASE send feedback.

Take care.

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