Monday, January 10, 2011

Why 101.

 Why; is a fascinating word. It's really amazing how many decisions can be changed and how many times the world was altered by such a word. It's funny how every person has a different perception about the answer to the word 'Why'.

     That's why I am going to try to show you everything from my eyes and how I analyze situations that happens to me daily to reach conclusions that might leave you puzzled or maybe answer a question you had. I think of my blog as my hypothetical theories/solutions bank. The amount of probabilities and variable answers to a one word called 'Why' is what encouraged me to do this.

  • Why did I decide to have a Blog?
   Actually I have been thinking about it for a while and I wasn't that motivated until a couple of my friends started their own; Kareem Helmee (هنا القاهرة) and Aya Ashraf (A discovery of the heart's black holes). Seeing their posts develop encouraged me to start mine, in addition to the relevance of the name of my blogger to my life which will be answered in the following question.

  • Why did I decide to call my Blog 'Why'?
   Well I for starters have a lot that accompanies the word 'Why' in my mind. Everywhere I go or every thing I do always encourages a 'why' to pop up. For example everyday on my way to college, I start thinking why is there a traffic jam at 12 pm? Aren't those people supposed to be at work? Why aren't those people at work? And these 'Whys' lead me to a lot of conclusions. Some are true and some I just made up.

This blog will be totally open for people to participate. If anyone wants to participate just send me anything relevant to 'Why' and I'll post it with his/her name on the blog. It doesn't have to be strictly or fully in English, it can be in Arabic or Franko-Arab.

I hope everyone liked the idea. Tune in for the posts and take care for now. 

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