Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Sushi?

Ok, before I start writing I just want to state that this is not intentioned for people who actually LIKE Sushi.

Sushi? Why Sushi? Why was Sushi chosen to be the coolest invention of our time? Why was Sushi widely spread in Egypt last year although Sushi is the most famous cousin in Japan since 1336? Why NOW?

Sushi, Japanese food, food, protein and carbs, fish and rices. Is it the name that made it so attractive? Is it the fancy, well designed restaurants? Is it? I don't think it is. Here's the thing, every now and then there is this something that provides us with that illusionary perception of coolness. 

In the early 90's the symbol for coolness was Grunge fashion. In the beginning of the new millennium technology gadgets started to be the cool trend followed by a lot of other technological inventions starting camera phones, hi5 and icq accounts till iPhone 4 and BlackBerry phones. All that is acceptable; but FOOD?

Why Sushi? and why now? I think that Sushi was chosen because the amount of people that actually liked Sushi and were eating it at that time were in very small quantities which made them very special, just like anything else, when it's in small quantities it's cool and hip, but when everyone else starts doing it we just shift to the next cool thing. 

The second question, why now? I think Sushi was chosen these days to become the new phenomenon of unconditional coolness simply because there is nothing else interesting plus we are a culture that is ruled by food, we invite people over to eat, we go out and our destination is always a cafe/restaurant and we celebrate our occasions by food.

But how come this time it was food that was the star of the evening? I don't know but it happened. Maybe a totally random chain of events that were very random, perhaps.

At the ending I just want to clarify that this is by no mean an attempt publicize the idea of that Sushi is bad or that Sushi lovers are pretenders. I was just surprised by some facts that I wanted to share with you.

P.S. Waffles are the new Sushi.

السلام عليكم

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