Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why is it that Egypt fell from the top of the pyramid into the dumpster?

Why did I choose this title? Every living Egyptian brag about what our ancestors have done. How they had the most intelligent culture of their time. How they became the leading force of the ancient world. Now, without saying; you can understand why I choose to call it a dumpster. 

Going back to the ancient history of Egypt and looking back at the greatness that this country had and how we are ruining it with our hands is just painful. 

What happened that made Egypt take that declining fall? The more important question is Why can't we recap from such a downfall? 

Simply, I think it's because we don't want to. We don't have it in us. We have adapted to this style of living unwillingly and we are afraid of the change.

Another answer is the almighty famous sentence" هيا البلد خربانا... أنا الي هعدلها يعني؟". It's the non believe of a single act's power. Although there are a lot of single acts in Egypt that are hitting big; take 'One Movement' as an example. Amr Nazeer the creator just had an idea of not throwing anything on the street rather than cleaning up and the garbage will pile up again, and it's going really, really good. A SINGLE ACT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE.

I want to relate to a point that I wrote about in a previous post. We don't have the culture of over achieving, everyone just wants to put the least amount of effort in any kind of activity.

There is a large amount of people who don't do their work efficiently. If the teacher did his job in schools in the best way we would have better and more qualified graduates, or the garbage man if he did his job right we would have cleaner streets, or the street officer if he would pay more attention we won't have these amount of accidents and traffic jams.

In a conclusion, we should not be afraid of change, change is GOOD. We should have faith in single acts and everyone should do his own. Try to over achieve. And every single one of us should do what he's supposed to do in the most perfect way possible. We need to take Egypt out of the dumpster and climb back the Pyramid. It's our responsibility and our duty as we are the last line of hope to this country.

This is merely my opinion, I wish that everyone who would read this post would comment and say how we can make this great country better. Please this might be a start of something big.

Thank you.


  1. One of the main characteristics of the people here in Egypt as you mentioned is that they lack the culture of overachieving and the wrong interpretation of the word "elreda" and "elmaqsoom".
    The word change frightens people here in Egypt and they refuse to adapt to new situations so they merely accept the reality with all it bitterness than to accept the change as they fear it, they fear the unknown.
    take a clear-cut example: "the last parliamentary elections" out of 40 million citizens who are legally able to elect , only 7-10% participated!! and why? for various of reasons..
    " y3ny e7na sotna hy3ml eh? ma el natayg ma3roofa"
    "wana at25r 3n sho3'ly sa3a leeh ant5b wala ast2zn sa3a badry.. mana awla asht3'l lo2ma el 3eesh eli htnf3ny"

    The change doesn't take place unless there's an catastrophic incident taking place and there's no other alternative but "change" otherwise no change occurs
    Examples can be extracted from the different revolutions taking place throughout history (except 1952 ofc)

    we always run away from the truth that we are passive by the stereotyped sentence "e7na el baneena el haram w el sad el 3aly w qanat el sawis"
    But if they even knew that interpretation about building "lharam" varied : some said that the pharaoh built it to decrease the unemployment rate in Egypt others claims he used slaves and the worst slavery ways ever :) The high Dam also lead to the immigration of thousand of Nubian and is now leading to an "African water crisis" :)

    Change is good when people value what the change is about.. and when people also knows the consequences of it

  2. Touche, I couldn't have said it better.

    There is just one point that I want to talk about, the parliamentary elections. I personally believe that the change will not occur by voting. I think that the change will be through NOT voting. Votes can be easily fixed but not voting will show how much the Egyptian community is not happy with how everything is going or run in Egypt.

    Also, I know you're looking at change from your political perspective because of course your political studies, but am not totally talking about political change because we as youth have a lot to change before looking at political change. We will feel more the change that is done by our hands and we'll be eager to do even more, than if it came from the political powers.

  3. you got the point.. bas as you mentioned earlier we need to educate ourselves that the change starts at the individual level and that the concept of "wana maly" will bring us nth but retardation..

    Great post though! Thumbs up ;)