Monday, January 10, 2011

Why is there a traffic jam at 12 pm everyday?

Ok, so I mentioned this phenomenon in the opening post of my blog. Now I am going to share with you what I have noticed on an average day on my way to college. 

I study in Cairo University and I live in Maadi so there are two ways to go to college; either through Manial or through 'El Ba7r El A3zam' street. The dilemma is they're both terribly jammed up after 9. So I started thinking, Why is it that there are A LOT of people in the streets at such time where everyone should be behind his/her desk?! Then I justified that with that some people don't have a desk job or some have meetings somewhere. But these people are a very limited number of all people in the streets. 

I then related to the unemployment problem. Then I asked myself, WHY is there an unemployment problem? I had two logical answers in mind: 1. There are no enough job opportunities/vacancies. 2. Vacancies are available but the qualifications to fill them are not available.

I then went with the second assumption. Then I asked myself, WHY aren't there enough qualifications? Of course, just like any other Egyptian/Person living Egypt I with no doubt blamed the educational system. Well the fact is after thinking about it more, the educational system is not the only thing that should be blamed. 

A lot of people have the culture or are educated to satisfy for the least. A hand full of people are eager to over achieve. For example, at every final in almost every college there is you would find a student who studies from the book and another who studies notes or some TA's hand notes. I am not saying that notes are bad but they kinda demolish our sense of eagerness to more and more. Most students study to get high grades to get good jobs without paying attention to the point that these courses will be their job in a few years, but all the focus is to get high grades without looking to the quality of learning which leads us to the dilemma of the low qualifications of the Egyptian employee.

Back to the education part, I cannot disagree that the messed up educational system we have has a big hand in what we are facing these days. Today a friend posted that the educational committee of the people committee has criticized a decision taken to spend L.E. 100 million on establishing school libraries. What a thrill. But we cannot blame the government when we still have something to do.

I think at this point I was distracted by something else, perhaps arriving to college. I think what I have concluded is in order for the streets to be empty at 12 pm is to have a good educational system in addition to instilling the habit or the culture of over achieving and not satisfying by the least in everyone we know.



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  2. Hey man, been through your Blog, I must say I really like the idea and what you've put there. In fact, I like this one most, a nice conclusion to draw out of all this clutter.

    Peace Out buddy

  3. Thnxx man, I hope you like what follows :) and I am eager to hear if you have any feedback or ideas to share!