Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why did I say so?

This topic will get a lot of oppositions from a lot of people. So bare with me.

Imagine that there is a wide spread annual campaign in Egypt to build a large monument for a famous figure in Egypt. More than 16 million Egyptians participate in it and donate about 8 trillion pounds on it annually. Then; they burn it down. Imagine the amount of money wasted instead of spending it on improving the education or finding solutions to the traffic problem. Imagine the amount of pollution that is spread year by year that made us #1 on the most polluted cities on the planet. Imagine the amount of people that developed lung and brain diseases due to this amount of burning. Imagine that we ARE DOING the same year after year and no one is giving a damn about it. 

Why did I say so? What did I say? A while back I tweeted the following "Smokers are STUPID." And it was like Armageddon. A massive number of smokers started commenting on it and started debating about this matter which in my perspective is not debatable.

Why did I say so? I said so because, a friend of mine was talking to me about how smoking is ruining his life but he can't stop. Then I asked him just like I ask any other smoker; 'انت ليه بتشرب سجاير؟' and of course he answered like any other smoker 'مش عارف.. بس السيجارة بتهاديني'

Why am I against smoking? and why am I writing about it? I am against smoking for so many reasons, it's stupid, lethal, and since smokers don't take into account the health of the people surrounding them who aren't smoking FOR A REASON, I believe it's a bit rude.

Why am I writing about it? I am; for two reasons:
  1. I am sick of the amount of smokers that are out there. As I said there are about 16 million smokers in Egypt and about 1.1 billion smokers on the planet. About 34,000 human lives get consumed by smoking annually. Egyptians spend 8 trillion pounds annually on smoking. WHY?
  2. I want to deliver my point of view to every smoker that I know hoping that one of them might be convinced and quit.
The WHO (World Health Organization) stated that worldwide, 47 percent of men and 12 percent of women smoke a total of 6 trillion cigarettes a year. I am not going to talk about how deadly smoking is, because I am not talking to some uneducated people. People who are reading this are educated enough to know what they're doing and the consequences of it. You just need to be reminded.

Why can't people stop smoking? Besides all the narcotics and the addictive substance included in each cigarette, people just don't have the will. It's the same case I talked about in a previous post. That we are weak against temptations that we start building thoughts and beliefs in our head that we start acting upon it as if it was the actual truth and start spreading it around. Smoking doesn't keep you calm, it's the addictive substance called 'nicotine' inside it that does. It just like crystal meth or cocaine. And yet a lot of people recover from their addiction to such substances.

A lot of people will not be convinced about what I wrote. But some will; and these are the people that I am writing this post for. So please, STOP SMOKING. It aint that cool. If you can find the will inside you to with no thoughts accept the consequences of smoking then hell you can quit now. 

Please, stop smoking for the sake of the people living and interacting you, for the sake of the children that you are going to raise and don't want them to have internal diseases, and finally, for your own sake. Be there more for the people you love and stop playing with your life as if it was someone else's. It's not only your life you're compromising, so please, stop it.

I didn't mean to make anyone who read this to feel bad, but it's the truth. Face it so as to make a move and do something about it.

This is a video that I know a lot of you have seen, but for the people that haven''t. See what every smoker and consequently non-smoker are ingesting into their bodies.

Best Regards,


  1. I wanna tell you i don't smoke for sure :D
    but i'm impressed !!
    Thumps up man u definitely got a way

    keep ur thoughts if u managed to convince at least one person then u succeeded and that's enough :)

  2. I thank you. I hope I do. And please, If you have any contributions, please do :)