Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why do people blame social networks?

A few days back I posted the rumor (which I didn’t know it was back then) about Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to shut down Facebook. I was astonished by the amount of people who said that this was brilliant and it would help a lot. I have a BlackBerry phone so I’ve heard everything, I stereotype. I am destroying my social life. It’s an evil device. This post is because I have a theory that it’s not the social networks that should be blamed.

Again; Why do people blame social networks? For instance, Facebook since it’s the most used social network on the planet. Why do people use Facebook? It’s a good communication method… But that’s not the end of the story. People use Facebook because they have a lot of spare time. When people are busy doing something they really like they totally forget about Facebook or any social network. I want every person to think of the thing that he enjoys doing the most and remember a single time that he remembered Facebook while doing that thing. YOU CAN'T.

Social networks are neither bad nor addictive. They are tools, we just abuse them.

Why did some people seem glad when they heard the rumor of Facebook shutting down? Because they can’t find a way to stop using Facebook on their own. They couldn't find the will to stop. Simply put, and I am sorry to say so but most of us are week towards the social networks, simply because they are cool and we are connected all the time.

I am going to take another example. Since it is considered the social network that can ruin our lives in a split of a second, BlackBerry is not bad people. People who keep "BBMing" 24/7 are just abusing the technology. BlackBerry is a device that allows people to be connected everywhere just like WhatsApp which everyone is using with no second thoughts. People say that people stereotype and buy BlackBerry phones, I beg the difference. I think people who say that and on the other hand you find WhatsApp on their phone and has no other reason not to buy a BlackBerry are just stereotyping (Not that I am defending the phone). 

I think as a conclusion, I say we should not blame social networks for our mistakes or excessive use. I am not saying that we should stop using social networks, but if you want to limit your usage don't deactivate your account and re-activate it in a few days, just try to find the will to do it and limit your use.

Peace out.

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